About Us

Who We Are

The New York Pregnancy Care Conference is the only conference held in New York State for women and men who serve within the nonprofit world of pregnancy care. With nearly 30 years of history, the conference was begun as a way for individuals from across New York State, as well as bordering states, to come together and spend a day networking, asking questions, gaining new ideas and insights, and, most importantly, being refreshed in their work.

The issue of unintended pregnancy in the US is one that is extremely political and fraught with tension. Many within our culture have strong opinions regarding the decisional outcomes of an unintended pregnancy and this makes the field of pregnancy care one that is often difficult to navigate. 

The Pregnancy Care Conference was begun with the intention of uniting those in New York who are giving of themselves to serve women and men facing unintended pregnancies.

Our Conferences

Our conferences are currently bi-annual – held in April and November. They are currently located in Syracuse, NY.

Q & A

Am I allowed to attend the conference?

If you work for a nonprofit organization that serves women and men facing an unintended pregnancy, then this is the conference for you!

I’m not from NYS, am I still able to attend?

Yes! The Pregnancy Care Conference is not restricted to only those organizations or individuals located in NY. It is open to anyone working within the pregnancy service world, regardless of geographical location.

Can I still attend if I am not a Christian or do not work for a Christian organization?

Absolutely! Though the conference is geared toward people of faith, this is not a requirement to attend.

The organization I work for charges for (some) services. Can I still come?

Indeed! The primary focus of the conference is equipping, encouraging, and strengthening those who serve in the nonprofit world. 

Do I need to pack a lunch? 

Nope! Not only will your conference registration include a fabulous lunch, but it also includes coffee, tea, and refreshments in the morning and afternoon.

What should I bring? 

We recommend that you bring a notebook (or computer) and pen. You’ll want to take lots of notes. Also, bring your business cards! The conference is a great opportunity for networking.